Managing your private psychiatry practice in a COVID environment – a video from Dr Michelle Atchison

05 November 2020

COVID-19 has resulted in additional challenges and considerations in private practice psychiatry, clinically, organisationally and, as shown in this video from Dr Michelle Atchison, practically as well.

Dr Atchison is an Adelaide psychiatrist who has worked in private practice for nearly 25 years. After training at the local Repatriation Hospital, her practice has been weighted towards military psychiatry, and through this to trauma more generally. She works clinically with a wide range of patients and is also involved in civil medico-legal work and reports for the Department of Veterans’ Affairs.

Over the years, Dr Atchison has been heavily involved with the RANZCP as chair of the South Australian Branch, through numerous education and training committees, and through promoting issues pertaining to private practice psychiatry. She is the current chair of the binational Section of Private Practice Psychiatry.