COVID-19: Training program update

24 March 2020

The RANZCP is very mindful of the impact that these difficult times have on trainees and SIMG candidates and of the heightened anxiety due to significant disruptions to training and the escalating pandemic of COVID-19.

We appreciate the enormous burden that trainees and SIMG candidates are experiencing as part of their commitment to Health Services in supporting communities, and understand that such changes will impact on training in the coming months and we need to ensure that you are not disadvantaged or penalised in any way.

The RANZCP Board will urgently consider recommendations from the CSIMGE and the CFT and they will be working collaboratively with other committees over the coming days to develop a supportive plan for all trainees and SIMG candidates.

Guidance detailing training arrangements will be provided to you as soon as practicable, and the RANZCP will endeavour to ensure the best positive outcome for all.

Your wellbeing is of paramount importance. Please seek support from your peers and families and always follow health advice. If you are experiencing any difficulties or you require support please contact the RANZCP via the confidential Member Welfare Support Line on 1800 941 002 or

For additional support services please refer to the Support for trainees and SIMGs page on the RANZCP website.