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Trainee support resources now available in Learnit

14 May 2019

The College is developing a series of ten modules to complement the Formal Education Courses and support Trainees in learning about key topics. Modules from the series are also eligible to gain CPD hour upon completion.
We are excited to announce the first module of the series: Introduction to psychological development now available in Learnit.
The Introduction to psychological development module provides a broad outline of current approaches to thinking about the importance of developmental processes. Specifically how early development and developmental risk can shape mental health problems both in terms of their presentation and increasing vulnerability to the range of mental disorders. In this module you will learn about:
  • current approaches to understanding developmental processes and risk and protective factors
  • early influences on development and mental health implications
  • significance of developmental history and its use in formulation. 
The College would like to acknowledge and thank Prof Louise Newman for her expertise in developing this module. 
Future modules of the series will cover a broad range of topics: Psychiatric ethics, Psychological therapies, Effective teaching and learning, Emerging physical therapies, Neurosciences, Genetics, Psychopharmacology, Critical appraisal, and Phenomenology.
So stay tuned as we release more modules.