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The benefits of e-mental health treatments and interventions – new RANZCP position statement

04 April 2019
The Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists has released a new position statement outlining the benefits and issues associated with e-mental health tools.

E-mental health refers to the broad range of digital resources, services or programs, delivered via online, mobile or phone based platforms.

There are many benefits associated with the use of e-mental health tools and resources, which have potential to fill gaps in service provision and reach hard-to-access consumers. However privacy concerns, quality, supervision and the lack of evidence remain issues to address.

Psychiatrists are well placed to help consumers use and engage with a range of e-mental health tools and resources. They should be informed of the benefits and issues associated with e-mental health applications and tools, and understand how to incorporate them into practice.

Further research and greater oversight is needed to ensure e-mental health tools are evaluated and employed based on valid evidence.

This position statement has been adapted with permission from the World Psychiatric Association (WPA) position statement on e-mental health.

For more information, contact the RANZCP Policy Team at