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RANZCP signs pact to improve ethical interactions in Aus healthcare systems

31 July 2018

The Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists is proud to announce its contribution to and endorsement of the Australian Consensus Framework for Ethical Collaboration in the Healthcare Sector (The Framework).

This consensus framework is an ethical pact, written by health officials and stakeholders in Australia, including the RANZCP.

The framework is designed to uphold patient interests by ensuring that the different parts of the health sector are committed to the highest ethical values.

The aim of the ethical framework is to:

  • Enhance credibility and encourage better dialogue, trust, and respect between patient organisations, health care professionals and the pharmaceutical industry
  • Increase public confidence in health care professionals, institutions, the health care system and the pharmaceutical industry
  • Create an environment for patient organisations, health care professionals and industry to have authentic discussions about improving health care and patient outcomes.

The RANZCP signed onto the framework on 20 July 2018 at the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Business Ethics for Small and Medium Enterprises Forum in Tokyo.

The RANZCP is committed to implementation of these principles and continues to promote its own ethical policies and guidance tailored to the needs of psychiatrists.

It is intended that signatories should work to ensure that their own policies and processes are aligned with these principles, and commit to it being the basis for collaboration and interaction within the healthcare and other relevant sectors.

For more information on this please contact the RANZCP Policy team.