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Reminder to log all 2017 CPD activities

11 September 2017

As we are in the last quarter of the 2017 CPD year, please make sure you log all your CPD activities for 2017 on the new online portal ‘My CPD’.

CPD claims will only be accepted via My CPD and it is mandatory that members log their CPD activities online as soon as possible after they are completed.

The minimum CPD program requirements are:

  • submission of a Professional Development Plan (PDP) – worth  5 hours
  • at least 10 hours of Peer Review activities
  • at least 5 hours of Practice Development and Quality Improvement activities
  • at least 25 hours of self-guided learning
  • Overall, at least 50 hours of CPD activities.

Any module completed in Learnit will be automatically recorded in My CPD, as well as attendance at peer review groups once populated by the peer review group coordinator.

How to access My CPD
My CPD can be accessed via the College homepage (see illustration below).

Help with using My CPD

Access help with using My CPD

For support or queries, contact the CPD Office on 1800 337 448 (toll free for Australia), 0800 443 827 (toll free for New Zealand) or

Access My CPD.