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Celebrating 50 years of psychiatry research publication

28 March 2017

This year, the Australian and New Zealand Journal of Psychiatry (ANZJP) celebrates its 50th year of bringing you high quality psychiatry research articles and opinions.

First published in March 1967, the ANZJP is the leading psychiatry journal of the Asia-Pacific region. It delivers original articles every month in the form of research, reviews, patient descriptions and letters to the Editor, and is free to access for all RANZCP members.

Throughout the year, the ANZJP will bring its readers retrospectives on various topics from noted researchers looking back on the developments of the past 50 years in psychiatry. Those looking for the artistic side of psychiatry will be interested in the fifty-fifty poems – consisting of 50 words each – which will be featured on different aspects of psychiatry, as well as selected images from the past 50 years which will be used for the journal cover. Keep an eye out for erudite encounters with eminent psychiatrists such as Professor Gordon Parker AO, Scientia Professor of Psychiatry at the University of New South Wales, as well as other high quality retrospectives, guest editorials and podcasts in the coming months.

Already available are retrospectives on ‘Pursuing melancholia – the Australian contribution’ by  Gordon Parker (January 2017), ‘Australian and New Zealand Psychiatry - What Fifty Years have brought’ by Scott Henderson (February 2017) and ‘The Journal's concerns about suicide’ by John Snowdon (March 2017).  ‘ANZJP: The first fifty years MCMLXVII-MMXVII’, a special Editorial by Professor Gin Malhi in the January issue, takes a quantitative look back over the journal’s development and its impact over the years.

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