Advocacy during COVID-19

During the COVID-19 pandemic the College is continuing to advocate for psychiatrists and people affected by mental illness. The College has been providing advice and expertise to our governments about mental health care. This is done through a number of mediums including media releases, government submissions and participating in constructive dialogue with various government ministers and departments.

Letters and submissions

11 September Results of RANZCP member survey on telehealth in psychiatry in Australia [PDF; 172 KB]

31 August Letter to Professor Kelly (Acting Chief Medical Officer): Difficulties for overseas psychiatrists entering Australia

28 August Letter to Minister Hunt: Telehealth proposal for psychiatry private hospital inpatients during COVID-19

18 August New Zealand National Committee 2020 Election Priorities

13 August Letter to Dr Bloomfield (NZ Ministry of Health) - Experience of telehealth during COVID-19 

10 August Letter to Dr Bloomfield (NZ Ministry of Health) - RANZCP response to COVID-19

24 July Letter to Mr Roddam (Australian Govt Department of Health): Continuation of telehealth during COVID-19 pandemic

24 July Letter to Minister Hunt: Continuation of telehealth during COVID-19 pandemic

17 July Letter to Minister Hunt: Telehealth for psychiatry inpatients

25 June Letter to Minister Hunt: Telehealth in psychiatry under the Medicare Benefits Scheme (MBS)

30 April Letter to Minister Ryan (QLD): COVID-19, Prisoners and Access to Treatment

29 April Letter to Minister Archer (TAS): COVID-19, Prisoners and Access to Treatment

29 April Letter to Minister Rattenbury (ACT): COVID-19, Prisoners and Access to Treatment

21 April Letter to Minister Carroll (VIC): Meeting on prisoner mental health care as COVID-19 crisis develops

7 April Letter to Minister Hazzard (NSW): Lifting of bulk-billing requirements for vulnerable people with a mental health condition

6 April Letter to Minister Carroll (VIC): Prisoner mental health care as COVID-19 crisis develops

19 March 2020 Letter to Minister Hunt: New COVID-19 Telehealth/Telephone MBS Items

6 March 2020 Letter to Minister Hunt: Telehealth mental health response to COVID-19 outbreak

Media releases

18 September Telehealth extension a step towards the better future of mental health

9 September Decision on telehealth expansion urgently needed

20 August Greater access comes with concerns

17 August Alone and at risk: mental health concerns for those in aged care 

11August PPE remains a focus for all healthcare professionals

9 August Mental health: a priority now and into the future

7 August Concern for reopening of Christmas Island

6 August Psychiatrists praise extra support for mental health services

4 August We need certainty in mental health investment

16 July It’s okay to wear a face mask says psychiatrists’ president

5 July Mental health concern for those in ‘hard lockdown’

30 June COVID-19 compounds poor mental health of people in immigration detention

29 June Call for ongoing telehealth to complement face-to-face consultations

26 June Serious concern for impact of economic crisis on people’s mental health

25 May Don’t wait! Is the simple message from the President of the peak psychiatry body

15 May National investment in data essential for targeted action on suicide

15 May Psychiatrists welcome Victorian government commitment to mental health

14 May Psychiatrists welcome extra mental health support

13 May RANZCP welcomes appointment of Australia’s first chief mental health officer

12 May Alcohol misuse and mental health do not mix

11 May Targeted action can prevent suicide increases

30 April Lessons from COVID-19 to future-proof the mental health system

28 April RANZCP renews call to prioritise health and safety for all inpatient facilities

27 April President of psychiatrists’ peak body says act now on mental health services

24 April 2020 Crisis breeds innovation: the NSW Branch of RANZCP applauds the NSW Government’s announcement 

18 April 2020 Greater access to telehealth consultations will benefit even more patients

15 April 2020 Protection needed for all healthcare professionals in all high risk settings

6 April 2020 Psychiatry by telehealth gets boost but more changes needed 

3 April 2020 RANZCP applauds deal to leverage private hospitals across Australia

30 March 2020 Psychiatrists need more changes to address COVID-19 challenges

27 March 2020 ECT is an essential treatment and can save lives during COVID-19

19 March 2020 COVID-19: Are we looking after the mental health of the most vulnerable?

17 March 2020 Taking care of your mental health and wellbeing during COVID-19

In the news

7 July 2020 Psychiatrists deeply concerned by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander suicides

6 July 2020 Fears rise over the mental health of tower block residents trapped in 'hard lockdown' 

17 April 2020 Coronavirus revealing mental health gaps - Dr Vinay Lakra on

8 April 2020 Psychiatrist's thoughts on grief and isolation - Dr Michelle Atchison on

2 April 2020 Medicare begins funding phone and video psychiatrist consults - President John Allan in Australian Doctor

1 April 2020 Podcast: Bushfires, floods and now this? - President John Allan on Medical Republic Podcast

25 March 2020 Helping patients cope with corona-anxiety - President John Allan with the Medical Republic

25 March 2020 COVID-19 looking after the most vulnerable - President John Allan on SBS NITV radio

24 March 2020 ABC Radio Sydney - Interview with Associate Professor John Allan on COVID-19 and telehealth

20 March 2020 ABC Radio Melbourne - Interview with Associate Professor John Allan on COVID-19 and anxiety