Practice peer review (PPR)

Applications to participate in round 1 of 2023 PPR are now open Expressions of interest from potential facilitators are also strongly encouraged. A webinar will be offered as training for facilitators who meet the key selection criteria and more detail on this will be provided soon.

Round 2 will commence in September. 

Here for your information are a couple of FAQ:

How is PPR different to Peer Review Groups (PRGs)?

The PPR is a time-limited activity which was developed to replace the Section 2.2 option that was previously called 'practice visits'. Its purpose is focused on review of specialists’ practice, whereas PRGs (Section 2.1) have no directive in relation to purpose, or focus, other than that obviously it is a formal peer review activity and group discussion should be relevant to scope or area of practice.

Only three peers are involved in a PPR, and usually a PRG comprises at least three – sometimes many more.

PPR contributes to Section 3 of RANZCP CPD as well as Section 2.

What happens if we don’t complete our meetings within the three months?

It’s best to start scheduling your meetings as soon as possible in order to complete the activity within the round. If this doesn’t occur, please contact the CPD team to discuss. It may become necessary to reattempt the PPR in a future round.

It is not possible for a PPR to extend across two CPD, or calendar, years. 

31 March close of reporting for 2022 CPD activities

The CCPD would like to take this opportunity to urge members to log their 2022 CPD activities to their My CPD record in good time to meet the 31 March annual deadline.

We, and the CPD Team, appreciate your support. The 31 March deadline is increasingly important now that the RANZCP will soon be required to report CPD compliance to the Medical Board of Australia by 30 June annually. Please do not hesitate to contact the CPD team for advice and support with your My CPD record.


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