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Welcome to the RANZCP member forums. The RANZCP is pleased to provide these forums for the exclusive use of members. The forums are a place where psychiatrists can freely discuss issues of professional concern with their peers.

By using these forums, you agree to the 

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How do I get started?

If you’re an RANZCP member (Fellow, Associate or Affiliate member), you have automatic access to the forums. There’s no need to register, just visit the Forums page [member log-in required] to view or take part in discussions. Non-members can’t see or take part in the forums.

In the forums, conversations on a particular topic are known as threads, and individual comments are known as posts.

When you first visit the Forums page (after agreeing to the Forums Terms of Use) you’ll see a list of all the forums the College currently hosts.

Click on a forum name to view all the threads within that forum.


Click on a thread name to view all the posts within that thread.


At any time, you can return to the list of threads by clicking the name of the forum at the top of the thread.  You can also return to the list of forums by clicking ‘Forums’.


How do I reply to an existing post?

To reply to an existing post, click the ‘Reply’ link under the post.


Next, type a subject for your post, type in your text, then click ‘OK’. You can click ‘Preview’ to preview your post before publishing it.

Check your post carefully before clicking ‘OK’. You can edit your post later, but you can’t delete it.

How do I start a new thread?

To start a new thread, open the forum of interest, and click ‘New thread’.

Before starting a new thread, it’s a good idea to search the forums first to see if there’s already a thread on that same topic. The forums will be most useful to members if all related discussions are found in the same place.

For instructions on how to search the forums, see 'How do I search the forums?' further down this page.


Can I edit or delete my post?

If you need to edit your post after publication, view your post, then click ‘edit’.


If your edits make substantive changes to the content of your post, add a note within the post explaining that this has occurred.

It’s not possible for users to delete posts after they have been published. If necessary, you can edit the post, then delete all the text within it.

Are my posts moderated?

Your posts will be live (visible to all forum participants) immediately after you publish them. However, after posting, a moderator will review all posts to ensure they comply with the Forums Terms of Use.

Moderators are appropriately trained RANZCP members, who aim not to censor discussion, but only to ensure that the forums are a useful resource for members, where they can freely discuss issues of concern to them in a professional environment. If a post does not comply with the Terms of Use, it will be removed.

Moderators also perform other tasks, such as moving posts and locking or moving threads.

Can I get email updates on forum activity?

The best way to stay up to date with discussions on the forum is to set up an email subscription.

You can subscribe to either a whole forum, or to a particular thread or post within a forum. This means that you’ll receive emails updating you either about all new posts to a whole forum, or about replies to your selected thread or post.

To set up an email subscription to a forum, simply click the ‘subscribe to forum’ button at the top of that forum page.  


To subscribe to a post, click the ‘subscribe to post’ button underneath the post.  If you subscribe to the first post in a thread, you’ll receive email updates on all subsequent posts to that thread. 


To manage the emails coming into your in-box, you might wish to set up a rule/filter to automatically move all emails from '' into a dedicated folder (see your email client's instructions for details).

You can unsubscribe from these emails at any time. Just click ‘Unsubscribe’ in the email itself.

How do I search the forums?

On all forum pages, there is a search box. Enter in a search term, which can be either a keyword used in the text, or a poster’s name. If you need to do a more complex search, click Advanced search to go to the Advanced Search page.


What name will my posts appear under?

Your posts will appear under your own name – this will be your preferred first name and your surname as per the College’s records. Note that your preferred first name can be different from your legal name (e.g. you might prefer to be called Kathy instead of Katherine). If you would like to change your preferred first name, as used by the College in the forums and for other purposes, visit the My personal details page [Member log-in required].

Can I attach images or files to a forum post?

It’s not possible to attach images or files to a forum post. However, you can link to files available elsewhere online. Just paste the URL into your post.

What do I do if I have concerns about another user’s post?

If you believe that a post breaches the Forums Terms of Use, email and provide the details. A moderator will review the post and make a decision. If it doesn’t comply with the Terms of Use, it will be removed.

Will College staff to reply to posts in the forums?

The forums are a platform for College members to communicate and interact with each other. If members wish to ask questions of the College, or receive replies from the College on a particular subject, they should contact the College directly via the Contact Us page.

Alternatively, members can contact the RANZCP Committees by visiting the Committees page.

Which browser should I use to access the forums?

Please note that the discussion forums are not optimised for use on small mobile devices. For the best experience, we recommend that you use a larger device – for example a desktop computer, laptop computer or tablet.

The forums are able to be accessed through all recommended browsers for this website, which are listed on our website requirements page.

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For enquiries or assistance, contact or call 1800 337 448 (toll free from Australia) or 0800 443 827 (toll-free from New Zealand).