Practice Visit Program

Practice visits are the peer-to-peer external review of psychiatrists in their work environment.

The visits are designed to be a formative assessment of a psychiatrist's practice, with the approach being led by the values of appreciating, affirming and encouraging.

In 2021 the College will pilot the Practice Visit Program with a broad range of Fellows across work settings in New South Wales and New Zealand.

Structure and process for the Practice Visit Program

Step 1: request a practice visit, Step 2: Return documentation, Step 3: Match with a visitor, Step 4: Introductory contact, Step 5: Practice visit and receive your report, Step 6: Reflect on recommendations

Why is the College re-introducing practice visits?

Practice visits provide practical collegial support and review that can be customised to an individual doctor's needs.

The Practice Visit Program will match Fellows with a specially trained peer to support and review their practice.

They provide a CPD activity that supports medical registration requirements:

  • The Medical Council of New Zealand requires medical colleges to have practice visits available as part of continuing professional development.
  • The Medical Board of Australia is also looking to introduce practice visits as part of CPD programs.

Will practice visits become compulsory?

In the future, some doctors may require a practice visit as part of their regular CPD activity. The College sees Practice Visits as a valuable educational activity within the CPD program.

This pilot program is designed to determine the effectiveness and suitability of the Practice Visit program for our Membership.

Participation in the pilot is voluntary and will be limited to a small group of participants in New South Wales and New Zealand in the first instance.

Pilot program evaluation

In the past, practice visits have been made available to private psychiatrists working in rural and remote areas of Australia. This pilot seeks to evaluate how practice visits can support a broader scope of psychiatric practice, including metropolitan, regional and rural locations (in both public and private settings).

The evaluation report will be shared with the College membership.

Become a visitor / visited Fellow

Apply for the Practice Visit Program Pilot [Member log-in required]

Participants in the pilot can record their involvement under Sections 2 and 3 of the RANZCP CPD program.

Contact with any questions.

More information about your medical registration

Medical Council of New Zealand - Recertification and professional development

Medical Board of Australia - Professional performance framework