The Lived Experience Australia Award for Best Practice in Consumer and Carer Inclusion

RANZCP trainees can enter this award for a chance to receive A$1,000 in prize money and a certificate presented at the annual RANZCP Congress.

Applications are currently closed and will reopen 1 September 2022. Please email any queries to

To be eligible to enter, you must first complete five Learnit modules about collaboration. 

Complete the Collaboration, Communication and Cooperation between Health Professionals modules [Member login required]

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Reflecting on the Collaboration, Communication and Cooperation between Health Professionals online modules you completed in Learnit, please submit a 500–750 word (in total) response addressing the following:

1. Summarise what you have learned from the modules and address one of the following:​ 

a) Provide an example of the trainee’s efforts, or intended efforts, in work practices in improved collaboration between the consumer, their carer (family) and other health professionals. Max. 200 words.

b) Provide an example of what the impact of the care, or intended care, was on the consumer, their carer (family) and other health professionals with improved communication. Max. 200 words.

c) Provide an example of improved care, or intended improved care, provided because of greater cooperation with the consumer, their carer (family) and other health professionals. Max. 200 words.

2. Describe how you will/have change(d) your clinical practice on the basis of what you have learned

a) Give a brief overview of what the impact of the care, or intended care, was on the consumer and their carer (family) Max. 200 words.

3. Suggest any content you feel would be useful for future modules

a) Describe useful improvements which could be made. Max. 200 words.

b) Describe innovation to content which would make the modules more meaningful. Max. 200 words.

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