Manage my membership

Membership fee support during COVID-19

For information on fee support during the COVID-19 pandemic, please see Membership fees.

Update my contact details

Visit the My personal details page in the My RANZCP section to update any of your contact details (member log-in required).

Update my practice details (Find a Psychiatrist profile)

Visit the Find a Psychiatrist profile pages in the My RANZCP section (member log-in required)  to update your practice details. These details are used in the College's online Find a Psychiatrist directory.

Pay my fees and download receipts

Visit the My billing pages in the My RANZCP section to pay your membership fees and download receipts (member log-in required).

.More information about Fees

Manage my CPD claims and statements/certificates

Visit the My CPD claim page to submit your annual CPD claim.  This page is available in the My RANZCP section during the CPD claims period, which runs from December through to March.  You can also download CPD statements and certificates (member log-in required).

.More information about CPD

Certification or proof of Fellowship 

To obtain a confirmation of Fellowship letter or letter of good standing for external memberships or for your employer, please contact the Membership Services Team on

Access my training reports

Visit the My training reports page in the My RANZCP section to download basic training reports and Director of Training reports (member log-in required).

Notify the College of retirement

A Fellow who has completely and permanently retired from the practice of psychiatry is eligible to become a Retired Fellow. Retired Fellows are exempt from further membership fees, but have the same powers, privileges and obligations as Fellows.

.To notify the College of your retirement, complete the Declaration of Retirement form [PDF; 116 KB].

Pay fees in instalments

RANZCP Fellows can now apply to pay their annual membership subscriptions via four instalments throughout the subscription year.

If you would like to apply to pay your annual membership subscriptions in instalments, please complete the Membership Subscription Instalment payments application form [PDF; 146 KB].

Apply for a fee exemption or reduction

Fellows can apply for the following exemptions or reductions to membership fees. Where possible, submit applications for exemptions or reductions before 31 March.

Reduced hours    

If you are working less than 20% of a full-time equivalent across a subscription year (1 January–31 December), you can apply for a 50% discount in your membership fees for that year. If you have a serious medical condition that prevents you from working at all during that year, you can apply for an exemption from fees  for that year.

.To apply, complete the Application for reduced rate form [PDF; 120 KB].

Financial hardship

If payment of the College's membership fees would represent a very serious financial hardship, you can apply for a discount on your fees. The discount is granted at the discretion of the Board, and is for the current year only.

.Complete the Application for reduced rate form [PDF; 120 KB].

Residing overseas

If you reside out of Australia/New Zealand for at least 75% of a subscription year (1 January–31 December), you may be entitled to pay the overseas member rate for that year.

.To apply, submit a written request to the College, stating where you will be residing and the relevant dates, and providing an overseas contact address. Address your request to the RANZCP Board, and send to the College's head office by post, fax or email.

Long-standing members

If you are aged 65 or older and have been an RANZCP Fellow for at least 30 years, you can apply for an exemption from further membership fees (Exempt Fellow status).

.To apply, submit a written request for Exempt Fellow status to the College, stating the date you turned 65 and the date you became a Fellow of the College. Address your request to the RANZCP Board, and send to the College's head office by post, fax or email.

Apply for reinstatement of membership

If you have resigned from the RANZCP or your membership has been terminated, you may be able to apply to have your membership reinstated. The reinstatement is at the discretion of the Board. Contact the Membership Team on the details below for further advice.

For any questions regarding membership of the RANZCP, please contact or call us toll-free on 1800 337 448 (from Australia) or 0800 443 827 (from New Zealand).

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