Training course

ECT Refresher/Advanced Course

Delivered by Professor Colleen Loo & Dr Brett Simpson


3 - 4 November 2023

Organised by

Wesley Mission


CPD Endorsed ECT

This two-day course is particularly designed for psychiatrists who prescribe and/or perform electroconvulsive therapy (ECT). It may also be of interest to other clinicians. The course covers foundational knowledge about all aspects of ECT treatment, as well as updates on latest findings from research, including ultra-brief and bi-frontal ECT, and anaesthetic strategies to improve outcome. This course is suitable for the general psychiatrist, and also provides advanced knowledge for experienced ECT psychiatrists.

This course has been endorsed by the RANZCP as CPD activity code: ED000067, and each hour of participation (maximum of 17 hours) can be claimed under Accredited Group Learning Activity (Section 4.1).

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