2022 RANZCP Board Elected Director Election – Call for Nominations

The RANZCP welcomes nominations from the Fellowship for five (5) Elected Director positions on the RANZCP Board. The 2-year term will commence at the conclusion of the RANZCP’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) on 18 May 2022.

Potential nominees are encouraged to review the relevant governance documents prior to submitting their nomination (these documents are outlined below under ‘What documents should I read prior to nominating?’). 

What is the RANZCP Board?

The Board is the governing body of the RANZCP and comprises the President, the President-Elect and five Elected Directors – all elected from among the RANZCP’s Fellows. The Board, at its discretion, may also appoint up to two additional Board Directors.

The Board is responsible for all matters relating to the strategic direction, policies, practices and the operations of the RANZCP. Each Elected Director is responsible for chairing a constituent committee of the Board.

Refer to the Board Regulations for more information.

Who can apply?

  • Fellows with a minimum of 3 years’ fellowship with the RANZCP
  • Fellows who meet the basic requirements for a director of a company, incorporated under the Corporations Act 2001

For further information regarding the selection criteria and desirable qualities, please refer to the Elected Director Position Description.

How do I nominate?

Complete the Nomination Form and submit your application by Thursday 10 February 2022 at 5 pm AEDT

Your completed nomination form must be accompanied by:

  • CV (Resume): maximum 2 pages (Arial 11pt, in both Word and PDF formats).
  • Supporting Statement: maximum 1200 words (Arial 11pt, in both Word and PDF formats).


  • your relevant skills and experience for the role
  • your suitability for the position
  • the values that you can add to the Board
  • any other relevant information in support of your candidacy.

Contact details: please include an email address and telephone number in your CV and Supporting Statement.  The RANZCP will publish these contact details to allow Fellows to contact you in relation to your election candidacy.

Personal information: for privacy reasons the CV and Supporting Statement must not include your date of birth and personal or referee details (other than the email address and telephone number requested above). 

  • A passport style photo (a high resolution jpg file only).
  • Disclosure Statement: Nominees must disclose financial interests and conflicts of interest which may conflict, or be perceived to conflict, with their potential role as a Director of the RANZCP on the prescribed template. Please download and save the Disclosure Statement prior to completion as content may be lost.

A nominee is required to agree to election results being released to candidates and the RANZCP’s membership as part of the nomination process and, if elected, must apply for a Director Identification Number before appointment is finalised on 18 May 2022, if the nominee does not already have a Director Identification Number.

All documents provided by you in making your nomination will be provided to the membership. 

Who do I contact if I have a question?

Nomination questions may be directed to the Election Officer.

If you wish to know more about the Board, the position, or the commitment requirement, please contact the RANZCP via board.elections@ranzcp.org or telephone +61 (0)3 9640 0646.

What documents should I read prior to nominating?

When can I commence election campaigning?

Campaigning may only commence after the RANZCP has formally published the list of election candidates. The campaign methods permitted are outlined in the Board Election Campaign Activities Policy

Please note that further guidance will be provided to candidates.

What are the key 2022 election dates? 

  • Nominations open: 12 January 
  • Nominations close: 10 February at 5 pm AEDT
  • Voting opens: 11 March 
  • Voting closes: 12 April 
  • Results declared: week commencing 9 May 
  • Elected Directors will assume office at the conclusion of the AGM: 18 May.

There is an expectation that all Directors attend all Board meetings, unless a leave of absence has been approved by the President. 

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Committee Elections

Calls for nominations for committee positions will be published when positions fall vacant.

If you have questions about a committee or a committee election process, please contact the Election Officer at elections@ranzcp.org.  

Community Member Expressions of Interest

Expressions of interest for community members to join The Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists (RANZCP) Community Collaboration Committee (CCC) are now welcome.

The CCC is a dedicated and passionate group of psychiatrists and community members committed to developing policy, advice and standards of practice to support partnering with carers and family (whānau) in mental health care. 

The Committee is made up of four psychiatrists (RANZCP Fellows) and eight community members (including the Co-Chair) who have lived experience: two carers and two consumers from Australia, and two carers and two consumers from New Zealand.

The Committee are currently seeking expressions of interest for the following positions on the Committee:

  • 1 x Consumer from New Zealand
  • 1 x Carer from New Zealand 

For further information or to express an interest in joining, please visit the RANZCP or contact the Election Officer at pppc@ranzcp.org.


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