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2020 RANZCP Elected Director Election – Voting is now open

Voting is now open to elect five Elected Director positions on the RANZCP Board.
Voting closes at 5 pm on AEST on Monday 20 April 2020.

Ballot Information

Ballot information has been sent to College Fellows by CorpVote (the College’s election provider) which includes an Explanatory Memorandum [PDF; 135KB] from the RANZCP Company Secretary outlining the candidate details, voting instructions, count method, closing date for voting and other relevant election details.
College Fellows without a registered email address should have received a postal ballot pack.
College Fellows with a registered email address should have received an email from CorpVote with details on how to vote, including the Voter Access Code.
Please note that the CorpVote email may be received in your spam/junk email folder and that some health service email addresses may also apply filters which results in the email not being received.

What if I have not received Ballot Information?

If you are a Fellow of the College and have not received a postal ballot pack, please contact the College (telephone +61 3 9640 0646) or CorpVote (telephone 1300 147 797 or International +61 3 9020 0261).
If you are a Fellow of the College and have not received an email from CorpVote, please check your spam/junk email folder, speak with your IT team, or contact the College via in order to provide an alternative email address.
Questions regarding the voting process can be directed to Tim Jones, Returning Officer at CorpVote on 1300 147 797 (International +61 3 9020 0261) or email


The election candidates are as follows:
  • Dr William Kingswell
  • Dr Edward Petch
  • Dr Warren Kealy-Bateman
  • Dr Mark Lawrence
  • A/Prof. Neeraj Gill
  • A/Prof. Beth Kotze
  • Prof. Philip Morris
  • Dr Elizabeth Moore
  • Dr Sue Mackersey
  • Dr Nick O’Connor
  • Dr Agnew Alexander

Each candidate’s photograph, Supporting Statement, CV and Disclosure Statement are available and include contact details for each candidate.

View candidate profiles [Member log-in required]

Election campaigning

Election campaigning is underway and should be undertaken in accordance with the Board Election Campaign Activities Policy


The Board Election Regulations detail the stages of the Election.

Other Associated Elected Director Election documents include:


Questions can be directed to the Callie Kalimniou, Election Officer on + 61 3 9601 4984 or email

College Committee Elections

Become involved in your College by nominating for a position on a RANZCP committee.

To submit your nomination, click on the applicable Portfolio below and complete the Nomination Form.

If you have questions about a committee or a committee election process, please contact the Election Officer at  

Open for nominations now

► Portfolio: Branch Committees

(nominations close at 11.59 pm Sunday 29 March 2020)

  • New South Wales (3 x Fellows)
  • South Australia (6 x Fellows)
  • Tasmania (7 x Fellows)

Nominations submitted via the electronic Nomination Form contain links to a third party website. It is your responsibility to check the third party website privacy policy to ensure that you are happy for your personal information to be used in accordance with the third party’s privacy policy.

Nominations that are yet to open - relevant committee positions will be advised

  • Education and Training Committees:
    • Committee for Continuing Professional Development
    • Committee for Educational Evaluation, Monitoring and Reporting
    • Committee for Specialist International Medical Graduate Education
    • Substantial Comparability Assessment Review Panel
    • Committee for Training
  • Subcommittees for Advanced Training (SAT):
    • Addiction Psychiatry
    • Forensic Psychiatry
    • Psychotherapies Psychiatry
  • Faculty Subcommittees:
    • Forensic Psychiatry (NZ, NSW, QLD, VIC, and WA)
  • Section Subcommittees:
    • Electroconvulsive Therapy and Neurostimulation (NZ and SA)
    • Neuropsychiatry (VIC)
    • Youth Mental Health (NSW)
  •  Bi-national Faculty Committees:
    • Adult Psychiatry
    • Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
    • Forensic Psychiatry
    • Psychiatry of Old Age
  •  Bi-national Section Committees:
    • Child and Adolescent Forensic Psychiatry
    • Early Career Psychiatrists
    • Electroconvulsive Therapy and Neurostimulation
    • Psychiatry of Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities
    • Neuropsychiatry
    • Perinatal and Infant Psychiatry
    • Private Practice Psychiatry
    • Youth Mental Health
  • Practice, Policy and Partnerships Committee (PPPC) Constituent Committees:
    • Community Collaboration Committee
    • Committee for Evidence-Based Practice
  • Trainee Representative Committee (TRC)

College Committee Election Improvements

The Board has approved a number of improvements for College committee elections.

The key improvements include:

  • transitioning committee positions to three year terms
  • a trial streamlined renomination process
  • co-opted members being increased from two to four.

This Fact Sheet details the improvements and what these mean in practice.