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Awards and Recognition Committee

The Awards and Recognition Committee (ARC) oversees and manages the College’s awards processes, and provides strategic oversight of the awards and member recognition framework.  Responsible directly to the Membership Engagement Committee, the ARC develops strategies to increase and improve member recognition across the College.

Awards and Recognition Committee Regulations [PDF; 73 KB]

Note: The Regulations are currently under review.  If you have any questions, please contact

Committee Chair and Committee Contact Information

The current Chair of the Committee is Associate Professor John Allan.
Contact the committee at

Committee Member Commitment Required

Committee key responsibilities include:

  • Overseeing all activities of awards administration, in concert with relevant supporting parties, in terms of individual award promotion, composition, function and funding.
  • Advising on the College’s broader activities around member recognition, particularly the acknowledgement of members’ contributions and service.
  • Reviewing the objectives of each of the awards in the context of their respective benefit to the College, as well as reviewing all requests to establish new awards within the College, making recommendations to the MEC as appropriate.
  • Establishing protocols applicable to binational awards in relation to selection and appointment of panels of jurors and the timing and modality of awards presentation.

Meeting frequency:

The Committee typically meet four (4) times per calendar year:   

  • Up to two (2) face-to-face meetings of one hour in duration per meeting
  • Two (2) teleconference meetings up to one hour in duration per meeting.
A committee member will also be required to respond to emails between formal meetings.