Finance Committee

Reporting directly to the RANZCP Board, the Finance Committee acts as an advisory body to the Board in relation to statutory and contractual compliance and financial strategy reporting.

Finance Committee Regulations [PDF; 169 KB]

Committee Chair and Committee Contact Information

The current Chair of the Committee is Prof Neeraj Gill.  Contact the committee at

Committee Member Commitment Required

Committee key responsibilities include:

  • providing advice to the Board on outcomes and policies relating to statutory and contractual financial statement issues and financial management issues.
  • receiving and reviewing the annual budget and making recommendations to the Board
  • ensuring the College’s initiatives are carefully monitored in relation to expenditure, achievement of goals, adherence to time constraints and reporting requirements
  • monitoring the College’s financial results throughout the year and making alterations in the budget for prudent financial management
  • regularly reviewing the cash flow position and investments of the College
  • monitoring and reviewing overall risk management policy, planning and strategies of the College, and the process for their implementation.

Meeting frequency:

The Committee typically meet 6 times per calendar year (each meeting up to 2 hours in duration).

A committee member will also be required to respond to emails between formal meetings.

Other roles:

Committee Chair

The Finance Committee Chair will be required to Chair the Investment Subcommittee. 

Committee Member

Two (2) Finance Committee Members will be required to be members of the Investment Subcommittee. 

Constituent Committee

  • Investment Subcommittee

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