Written Examination Subcommittee

The Written Examination Subcommittee administers the Multiple Choice Question, Modified Essay Question and Critical Essay Question examinations for psychiatrists in Australia and New Zealand. 

  • It authors the examination content and assessment domains and determines the standard of the examination.
  • It determines the standard of the examination and assesses written examination responses.

The Subcommittee relies on its members’ valuable contribution to uphold high standards in written psychiatry examinations. Members are invited to nominate to join this Subcommittee.

Responsibilities of the subcommittee

Members’ key responsibilities include:

  • Participate in question writing and review activities, which are conducted on an on-going basis throughout the year.
  • Attend the Written Examinations Subcommittee annual two day Question Writing Workshop (usually held in the month of November).
  • Mark examination papers. Members are expected to mark scripts on a regular basis as determined by the Chair, Written Examinations Subcommittee (usually twice a year).
  • Meet strict deadlines in all writing, marking and review activities.
  • Provide feedback on the examination process and overall candidate performance to assist the Committee for Examinations in writing the examination report following each examination.
  • Attend and participate in standard setting and calibration exercises for written and clinical examinations as required by the Committee for Examinations.
  • Any other examination related responsibility as specified by the Chair, Written Examinations Subcommittee or Chair, Committee for Examinations.

Written Examinations Subcommittee contact details

Co-Chair Assoc. Professor Brett Kennedy writtens@ranzcp.org 
Co-Chair Dr Sanjay Patel

Subcommittee Member Commitment Required

Term of office

Members’ term of office is for two (2) x three (3) year terms.

Meeting frequency

The Written Examinations Subcommittee meets four (4) times per annum, usually in the months of February, April, July and September.  It also holds a question writing workshop in the month of November.  Teleconference meetings may be scheduled as and when required and the duration of these meetings (should they occur) will vary.

Subcommittee regulations

Written Examinations Subcommittee Regulations [PDF; 79 KB]

Note: The Regulations are currently under review.  If you have any questions, please contact ranzcp@ranzcp.org

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