Accreditation committee

The Accreditation Committee reports to the Education Committee and is responsible for the accreditation of training programs in Australia and New Zealand.

The Committee ensures transparency in the accreditation of rotations/runs and training programs through accreditation standards. The standards apply to the Fellowship training program, training rotations/runs, the formal education course, and the certificates of advanced training.

The role of the Committee includes:

  • Establishing accreditation policy and procedures.
  • Developing and maintaining accreditation standards.
  • Selecting and appointing accreditation site visitors.
  • Co-ordinating and scheduling accreditation visits.
  • Reviewing site visit accreditation reports.
  • Overseeing the implementation of recommendations in visit reports.

Accreditation Committee Regulations [PDF; 165 KB]

Note: The Regulations are currently under review.  If you have any questions, please contact​

Committee Chair

The Chair of the Accreditation Committee is Dr David Furrows.

The Deputy Chair is Dr Neil Jamieson.

Committee Member Commitment Required

Committee key responsibilities include:

  • Attending Committee meetings and teleconferences.
  • Responding to items circulated out-of-session.
  • Liaison with College staff on accreditation matters.
  • Membership of accreditation visit panels.
  • Reviewing accreditation visit reports.
  • Providing advice on the development and maintenance of accreditation standards, policies and procedures.

Meeting frequency:

The Accreditation Committee meets 4 times per year:

  • two face-to-face meetings (usually 8 hours per meeting).
  • two videoconferences (usually 2 hours per meeting).

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