ACT Branch Committee

The Australian Capital Territory Branch Committee monitors, considers and advises on issues arising in the Australian Capital Territory that affect the interests of College Fellows, Affiliates and trainees.

► Australian Capital Territory Branch Committee Regulations [PDF; 148 KB]

Note: The Regulations are currently under review.  If you have any questions, please contact

Committee Chair 

The current Chair of the Committee is Dr Fatma Lowden.

Committee responsibilities

  • Develop and implement an annual work plan.
  • Propose initiatives in the fields of training, assessment, examination, ethics, policy, project development and workplace.
  • Act as the focal point for rendering research and policy advice.
  • Facilitate forums to collect and disseminate information, to encourage debate and to promote the needs of Fellows, Affiliates and trainees generally.
  • Facilitate local support networks for Fellows, Affiliates and trainees.

Meeting frequency

The Committee typically meet face-to-face 11 times per calendar year (each meeting is up to 2 hours in duration).  

A committee member may also be required to respond to emails between formal meetings.


Contact the Committee at

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