Governance structure


The RANZCP is governed by a Board of democratically-elected directors, led by the College President.

The Board governs according to the RANZCP Constitution [PDF; 200 KB]

.Board and Executive Management Team


Six committees report directly to the Board:

The above committees, together with a number of other College committees, provide advice and recommendations to the Board within their respective areas of responsibility.

The College's governance structure also includes branches (in New Zealand and every state and territory of Australia), faculties and sections. 

 RANZCP Committees

Members' Advisory Council

In addition to the College's committees, the Members' Advisory Council also provides advice and input.

.RANZCP governance structure chart [PDF; 235 KB]

Annual General Meeting

The RANZCP holds its Annual General Meeting (AGM) in conjunction with Congress.

.Annual General Meeting


The President-Elect and Elected Directors are elected by the College’s Fellows.

Committee members are elected and/or appointed in accordance with each committee's regulations.

Notifications of vacancies and calls for nominations are provided through a variety of methods, including being posted on the Elections page of the College website, in Psyche, via electronic direct mail and in College newsletters.


Governance documents

A number of documents support the activities of the College.  Some of these are provided on the Governance documents page on the website.

.Governance documents

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