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Community engagement

Consumers and carers play a vital role in the RANZCP

Genuine engagement with the community is a cornerstone of the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists (RANZCP). People with experience of mental illness (also referred to as consumers) and their carers and families/whānau have unique expertise to help shape mental health policy and practice. Their needs, perspectives, concerns and values influence RANZCP decisions at all levels.

This page describes the ways in which the community can engage with the RANZCP.

Contact the RANZCP

We welcome correspondence from the community. Email us at

► Other RANZCP contact details

Become involved in RANZCP governance

Consumers and carers play an important role in how the RANZCP is run. By participating in committees and other groups, they can contribute to the training, assessment and accreditation of psychiatrists, mental health policy direction and to the internal operation of the RANZCP.

Ways the community is involved in RANZCP governance:

  • Three RANZCP committees are set up specifically for community input: the Community Collaboration Committee, the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Mental Health Committee, and Te Kaunihera mo ngā kaupapa Hauora Hinengaro Māori. See below for more details.

Community Collaboration Committee

The Community Collaboration Committee (CCC) is the main way in which the RANZP partners with consumers and carers. The committee is made up of both community members (carers and consumers) and psychiatrists, from Australia and New Zealand.

► CCC regulations [PDF; 50 KB]

► More about the CCC

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Mental Health Committee

This Committee provides advice and support on issues relating to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, and advocates for the health of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. The committee is made up of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community representatives and psychiatrists.

► Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Mental Health Committee regulations [PDF; 50 KB]

Te Kaunihera mo ngā kaupapa Hauora Hinengaro Māori (Te Kaunihera) 

Te Kaunihera provides advice and support on issues relating to Māori, and advocates for the health of Māori people. The committee is made up of Māori community representatives and psychiatrists.

► Te Kaunihera regulations [PDF; 55 KB]

Many other RANZCP committees and projects have community representatives (often members of the Community Collaboration Committee):

  • There are consumer and carer representatives on the Members' Advisory Council, which provides advice to the RANZCP Board.
  • Consumers and carers have been appointed to support, guide and assist the RANZCP’s Enabling Supported Decision-Making project which is applying a co-production methodology.

    • This project will develop training materials and resources including an RANZCP position statement for psychiatrists to implement supported decision-making when working with people subject to compulsory treatment. Principally for Victorian-based psychiatrists working under the Mental Health Act 2014 (Victoria), the materials will also support best practice for mental health professionals throughout Australia and New Zealand in all mental health practice settings.

    • Co-production principles implemented within the project model the behaviours, roles and relations that will help enable supported decision-making to work in practice. These principles are:

      • Consumers are partners from the outset.
      • Power differentials are acknowledged, explored and addressed.
      • Consumer leadership and capacity is grown.
    • The Enabling Supported Decision-Making Project Information Sheet outlines the project’s purpose and objectives.

Participate in the RANZCP Congress

The RANZCP hosts an annual scientific conference, the RANZCP Congress. We invite consumers and carers to attend, or apply to present at the conference. To apply to present, you should first submit an abstract for consideration by the organising committee. Find out more on the congress website.

Submit a journal article

Consumers and carers can submit articles for publication in the RANZCP's journal, Australasian Psychiatry. Be sure to check the submission guidelines and review policy before making your submission. Find out more on the RANZCP journals page.