Janice Wilson

President 1997–1999

Dr Janice Wilson is currently the inaugural Chief Executive of New Zealand’s Health Quality and Safety Commission. In this role, she leads the Commission’s work in monitoring and improving the quality and safety of health and disability services for all New Zealanders.

Prior to this role, Janice worked for a number of years in the Ministry of Health in New Zealand, first as Director of Mental Health; then as Deputy Director-General, Mental Health; and finally as the Deputy Director-General of the Population Health Directorate.

As a psychiatrist, and in her roles in mental health, Janice was actively involved in leading clinical improvement activities and in reforming mental health services and systems. 

She has taken this passion for doing things better for patients and the community into her roles in population health and her current health quality and safety work.

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Presidential address: The Flight of the Wild Goose: The Psychiatrist as a Leader

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