Harry Southwood

President 1960

Dr Harry Southwood was a founding member of the Australasian Association of Psychiatrists (AAP) and its President in 1960. He also served as the South Australian Branch Chair from 1953–1956. 

Considered one of the finest practitioners in Australasian psychiatry in the mid-1960s, Dr Southwood was elected as one of the 39 Foundation Fellows of the Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists when it formed out of the AAP in 1963. 

In contrast to many of his peers at the time, Dr Southwood worked primarily within a psychoanalytic framework, an interest which increased from the early 1960s. He was also a founding member of the Australian Society of Psycho-Analysts. 

More information 

Presidential address: The Psychiatrist and the Public. Med J Aust 1961; 1:771.

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