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Support programs – overseas specialists

The College currently offers a range of programs and resources to support Specialist International Medical Graduate (SIMG) candidates.

Recommended assessment preparation workshops

Two free workshops for Australian based SIMG candidates are coming up in 2017. The SIMG Support Project workshops are being delivered by NorthWest Mental Health and registrations are now open.

Saturday 3 June: Communication / Linguistic Skills for OSCE

9 am – 5pm, Royal Melbourne Hospital

This workshop is only open for SIMGs on the Specialist pathway who have:

  • already attended the College Australian Clinical Practice Skills workshops in 2016, as this workshop builds on skills from ACPS
  • are enrolled in the upcoming September OSCE exam

This workshop to fine tune your linguistic and communication skills ahead of the upcoming OSCE clinical exam. 

  • facilitated by Consultants/Registrars and a linguist
  • via small group work and role-plays

Workshop 2: Communication / Linguistic Skills for OCAs

Date: Saturday 10 June 2017, 9 am – 5pm

Location: Royal Melbourne Hospital

A practical workshop to fine tune your linguistic and communication skills for the OCA requirement towards Fellowship

  • facilitated by Consultants/Registrars and a linguist
  • via small group work and role-plays

Limited places available for each workshop so you much register by Wednesday 31 May. For more details please email

Please note:

  • Participants will need to make their own travel & accommodation plans, as this cost is not covered by the workshop.
  • These workshops have been made available through funding from the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists under the Specialist Training Program.
  • The RANZCP, the Committees for Training and Examinations and the Committee for Specialist International Medical Graduate Education (CSIMGE) do not have a role in assessing or accrediting external or non-RANZCP facilitated exam and training workshops.
  • The RANZCP expects trainees and SIMGs to undertake a broad approach to exam and workplace-based assessment preparation based on the 2012 Competency-Based Fellowship Program and Syllabus.

Australian Clinical Practice Skills Workshops in 2017 - expressions of interest now open

The Australian Clinical Practice Skills Workshop is a personalised workshop that gives a concise and effective run-through of the nature and expectations of the clinical interview and psychiatric clinical practice in Australia.

At this highly interactive workshop, participants are given specific insights into what adjustments are needed to be made in their practice to prepare for their assessments and to successfully adapt to the practice of psychiatry in Australia. As a result, participants learn how to refine their clinical skills to match the expectations of the College and their workplace.

You can expect:

  • extensive exposure to role-plays (live and recorded)
  • practical exercises in small groups
  • professional feedback from former examiners, experienced Fellows, language and cultural experts
  • high facilitator-to-student ratio
  • insights into exams and assessments
  • an action plan to identify a path forward following the workshop.

The workshop will benefit those who are new to clinical practice in Australia as well as those who plan to sit exams within the next year (partially and substantially comparable pathways). All SIMG candidates on the partial or substantial comparability pathways, working in Australia are eligible to apply.

Please complete the online survey and you will be notified of the schedule for 2017 once confirmed. If you have any questions, please contact us via email at

The RANZCP has received Australian Government funding under the Specialist Training Program for this event.

Learnit – online learning from RANZCP

You can access Learnit using your current RANZCP log-in details. Visit Learnit now.

Australian Clinical Practice Skills modules

A new series of four modules designed to help specialist international medical graduates (SIMGs) learn the linguistic and cultural components of psychiatric practice within Australia.

  • Module 1: Cultural identities in clinical practice
  • Module 2: Clinical communication and empathy
  • Module 3: Interviewing and rapport-building techniques
  • Module 4: Individualising case formulations and management plans

The direct link to these modules is:

Adaptation to psychiatry in Australia modules

A series of three modules created for specialist international medical graduates (SIMGs) and overseas trained psychiatrists (OTPs) who are moving to Australia.

  • Module 1: Understanding the Australian mental health-care system
  • Module 2: The work of a psychiatrist in Australia
  • Module 3: How to become a psychiatrist in Australia

The direct link to these modules is:

Training Program modules

A series of modules designed to teach trainees and supervisors about the requirements of the RANZCP Training Program.

  • In Training Assessments (ITAs)
  • Observed Clinical Activity (OCAs)
  • Psychotherapy Written Case
  • Scholarly Project

The direct link to these modules is:  

Other on-line resources

Adaptation to Psychiatry in Australia and New Zealand [PDF; 1.2 MB]

SIMG Preparation Workshop

The SIMG (ECE) Preparation Workshop for partially comparable candidates is no longer a requirement since the transition of SIMG candidates to the 2012 Fellowship Program.

The ECE Preparation Workshop was found to be very useful by SIMG candidates in the past so the Education Committee will consider offering a new workshop specific to the assessment requirements of the 2012 Fellowship Program to interested SIMG candidates. Such a workshop could only run if:

  • there is an adequate number of SIMG candidates interested in attending the workshop
  • SIMG candidates pay a fee to attend these workshops.

Candidates will be informed of future proposed workshops in the SIMG candidate newsletter