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Support programs – overseas specialists

The College currently offers a range of programs and resources to support Specialist International Medical Graduate (SIMG) candidates.

Learnit – online learning from RANZCP

You can access Learnit using your current RANZCP log-in details. Visit Learnit now.

Learnit resources specifically for new SIMGs

There is a series of three modules created for specialist international medical graduates (SIMGs) and overseas trained psychiatrists (OTPs) who are moving to Australia.

  • Module 1 will help SIMGs and OTPs to gain a better understanding of the Australian mental health-care system.
  • Module 2 will help SIMGs and OTPs to gain a better understanding of the work of a psychiatrist in Australia.
  • Module 3 will help SIMGs and OTPs to gain a better understanding of how to become a psychiatrist in Australia.

New modules released for partially comparable SIMGs and trainees

       In-Training Assessments module

  • In-Training Assessments (ITAs)
  • Entrustable Professional Activities (EPAs)
  • Workplace-Based Assessments (WBAs)
  • Observed Clinical Activities (OCAs)
  • Case-based Discussions (CbDs)
  • Mini-Clinical Evaluation Exercises (mini-CEXs)
  • Professional Presentations

Training Program - Observed Clinical Activity module

  • what is an OCA?
  • getting the most out of your OCAs: Patients and settings
  • the trainee role and the supervisor role in an OCA
  • how to undertake an OCA
  • how to rate an OCA
  • giving and receiving feedback

The direct link to these modules is:

Other on-line resources

Adaptation to Psychiatry in Australia and New Zealand [PDF; 1.2 MB]

Australian Clinical Practice Skills for SIMGs on-line modules - to be released soon.

SIMG Preparation Workshop

The SIMG (ECE) Preparation Workshop for partially comparable candidates is no longer a requirement since the transition of SIMG candidates to the 2012 Fellowship Program.

The ECE Preparation Workshop was found to be very useful by SIMG candidates in the past so the Education Committee will consider offering a new workshop specific to the assessment requirements of the 2012 Fellowship Program to interested SIMG candidates. Such a workshop could only run if:

  • there is an adequate number of SIMG candidates interested in attending the workshop
  • SIMG candidates pay a fee to attend these workshops.

Candidates will be informed of future proposed workshops in the SIMG candidate newsletter