Existing Exemptions Candidates

This page is for applicants who already hold current Exemption Status and may also be working in an Area of Need (AON) position.

This page contains all necessary information for applicants who wish to apply for Extension/Renewal or Review of their Exemption Status, New Area of Need applications or Area of Need Extensions.


- Flowchart Extension/Renewal or Review of Exemption Status 
- Flowchart for new Area of Need (AON) applications
- Flowchart for Area of Need (AON) Extensions 

Area of Need

New Area of Need (AON) applications

You can only apply for a new AON position if you have previously been assessed for the Specialist Pathway.
AON positions are declared by the states and territories in Australia.  Applicants must first have identified an AON position for which an employer considers them suitable and has offered them employment. An application must then be made to the Australian Medical Council (AMC).

An applicant who is approved for an AON position is only permitted to work in this specific position. If the position description changes or you change jobs, a new AON application must be submitted to the AMC and the College. For assessment dates please refer to the “State Assessment Panel Assessment Dates” document on the Links and Forms page.

Please note that it is up to the relevant State Assessment Panel to decide whether or not you will need to attend an interview as a part of your College AON assessment.

- Application Forms for AON applications
- 2014 State Assessment Panel Assessment Dates

Area of Need Extensions

Current Exemptions Candidates employed in AON positions requiring an Extension to their AON support can apply directly to the College for AON Extension approval.
For assessment dates please refer to the “Committee Assessment Dates” document on the Links and Forms page.

- Application Forms for AON extensions
- 2014 Committee Assessment Dates

Specialist Assessment (Exemptions Candidates)

Extension/Renewal of Exemption Status

Exemption Status is initially granted for three years, during which time the candidate is expected to complete any additional training, pre-examination experiences and examinations stipulated by the Committee in order to be eligible for Fellowship. However, should the applicant be unable to complete all requirements within three years, they may apply for an Extension of Exemption Status. Applications for Extension of Exemption Status should be submitted directly to the RANZCP.

Specialist IMGs who have previously held Exemption Status but whose status is no longer current may apply for a Renewal of Exemption Status. Applications for Renewal of Exemption Status should be submitted directly to the RANZCP.

- Application Form for Extension/Renewal of Exemption Status 
- 2014 Committee Assessment Dates


Review of Exemption Status

If an applicant can confirm they have obtained a new qualification and/or experience and believes it may affect the Exemption Category they were initially granted, an application for a Review of Exemption Status may be submitted. The Committee assesses applications for review to determine if additional exemptions are warranted. Please carefully review the current Equivalence Guidelines on the Forms & Documents page before lodging an application.

Applications for Review of Exemption Status should be submitted directly to the RANZCP.

- Application Form for Review of Exemption Status
- 2014 Committee Assessment Dates

How to complete Exemptions Candidate experiences

Please refer to the following document for more information on how to complete these experiences.

- How to complete Exemption Candidate Experiences

Specialist Pathway Equivalence Guidelines

For general information about the different Categories of Exemption please refer to the current Equivalence Guidelines on the Forms and Documents page.

Forms & Documents

Forms & Documents can be accessed and downloaded via the Forms and Documents page. This includes Application Forms, Equivalence Guidelines, CV template and assessment closing dates.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The FAQ document contains the most commonly asked questions by new applicants. Please click here to browse through our FAQs

Admission to Fellowship

Upon completion of all Fellowship requirements, a “Notice of Intent for Admission to Fellowship” Form and current Certificate of Registration Status (to cover the entire Fellowship approval process) is required to be submitted to the Specialist International Medical Graduate Education department via email (simge@ranzcp.org) or fax (03 9642 5652). This will enable you to be approved for Fellowship at the next Education Committee meeting. 

Please note that the College requires EICS Verification of your Primary and Specialist Qualifications (via the AMC) before your application can be submitted for Fellowship approval.

For more information about Admission to Fellowship please refer to Link 81a on the Links and Forms page.

Substantial Comparability Pathway

For information about the Substantial Comparability Pathway, please visit the Substantial Comparability Pathway page.  

Changes and news

On our Changes and News page you can find the latest updates for Exemption Candidates as well as our monthly Newsletter with important information and changes concerning Exemption Candidates.

Complaints resolution

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Appeals process

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Support programs

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