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Admission to Fellowship

The process for admission to Fellowship for all trainees is:

  1. No Notification of Intent forms are required.
  2. Trainees must ensure that all training requirements have been completed by the Closing Date for Training Documents.
  3. Trainees apply for admission to Fellowship on a prescribed Application for Admission to Fellowship form once their training/exams are completed, i.e. when they submit their final training form.
  4. Trainees pay a Fellowship application fee to the Training department at the time of submitting their application for admission to Fellowship. This replaces the New Fellow entrance fee and will cover the administration costs (checking of training records, financial status, checking of registration details etc) associated with the process.
  5. At the time of application, trainees will sign a declaration that they are registered and have no outstanding training/assessment fees.
  6. Applications will not be processed if there is any outstanding documentation – trainee onus applies.
  7. Only when the application/documentation is ratified by the Training team will names be submitted to the Legal Officer for review and thence to Education Committee (EC) for approval.
  8. Following EC approval membership services send out Fellowship declarations and requests for pro rata Fellowship subscriptions.
  9. Membership services confirm receipt of subscriptions and declarations and the names of Fellowship applicants are submitted to the Board for approval.
  10. Once the Board has approved admission to Fellowship membership services issue certificates.
  11. The schedule of EC/Board meeting dates will be published as soon as they are available each year to facilitate forward planning by Fellowship applicants.

.More information: Administration chapter [PDF; 1.3 MB] of the Regulations, policies and procedures

.Admission to Fellowship Schedule  [PDF; 97 KB]

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