Therapeutics and Interventions

Bottles of medication in a pharmacyWhilst RANZCP provides leadership and advice on a range of health systems and practice issues, it recognises and continues to focus on the importance of the availability of clinical information and guidance.  As the traditional roles of the health practitioner, service provider, consumer and carer change, so do the mechanisms by which we implement evidence and clinical decision making.

In addition to the challenge of maintaining relevance to the changing roles of mental health professionals, the information landscape has changed dramatically over last decade.  Technological advancements mean that the rate by which evidence and information is produced is greater than the rate at which it can be implemented. RANZCP recognises the recent paradigm shift from dissemination of information, to the facilitation of information and is attempting to address this through pragmatic policy, guidance and projects.


Submissions and reports




(In development) RANZCP guidelines portal

The College has reviewed a number of clinical practice guidelines relating to the short-term management of self-harm and adult attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and endorsed the guidelines appropriate for use by the clinicians in Australia and New Zealand. The endorsed guidelines on the websites are supported by important key clinical considerations and the videos on the use of these guidelines.

These WebPages developed by the College are valuable resource tools and offers specific information for psychiatrists, consumers and other mental health professionals (e.g. GPs, psychologists, and mental health nurses) and helps to explore new and topical mental health issues via the best practice guidelines.

Please take the time to visit the RANZCP Self-harm and Adult ADHD webpages.

Keep an eye out for more clinical guidelines to be announced including:

  • Post traumatic stress disorders
  • Physical health and people with a severe mental illness

For more information, please email policy@ranzcp.org


(In development) How do we measure change in mental health?

The RANZCP, in conjunction with the Australian Mental Health Outcomes and Classification Network, are developing a consumer and carer information resource on the use of outcome measures in mental health.

For more information email policy@ranzcp.org .