Social policy and health inequality

Homeless man begging on the streetThere are a number of broad social policy issues that interact with mental health. RANZCP progresses its role as an influencer and leader across the mental health sector by advising government and its members in relation to these issues.

Of particular import, are health inequality issues experienced across culturally and linguistically diverse groups, Indigenous peoples, those experiencing homelessness and other marginalised groups. RANZCP believes that health gains should be shared equally across all members of society, and that the college has a role in advising its membership and government in ways that we can remove barriers to care for those marginalised peoples.

Submissions and reports




(In development) Prescription of psychotropic medication to those with an intellectual disability

The Victorian Branch of RANZCP is working with the Victorian Government Department of Health to examine issues surrounding the prescription of psychotropic medication to those with an intellectual disability.  This includes ways in which care can be standardised, and best practice can be implemented. 

Physical Health in Mental Illness

The Committee for Therapeutic Intervention and Evidence Based Practice is leading a project to address the importance of good physical health for people suffering from mental illness. The project will investigate the relationship between primary care, community mental health and the private mental health sector.  The terms of reference for the working group can be found here.

For further information on the Physical Health project please email policy@ranzcp.org or phone 03 9601 4958.