Network of Public Sector Psychiatrists

A Network of Public Sector Psychiatrists (NPSP) was established in 2006 to represent public psychiatry within the College and represent the interests of public sector psychiatrists.

Some of the key roles performed by the network include:

  • Provision of a forum within the College for public psychiatry issues to be raised, discussed and developed;
  • Responding to requests for review and/or comment on public psychiatry issues from RANZCP Executive, Policy Unit and Branches;
  • Identifying “opportunities” for RANZCP involvement in the public sector; and
  • Scanning the environment for emerging issues.

The NPSP holds highly successful workshops and streams of session content at RANZCP Annual Congresses.

The current Chair is Dr Brett Emmerson.

Any person interested in NPSP activities is encouraged to email policy@ranzcp.org