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Committees of the RANZCP are listed on this page, together with their chairs. The regulations governing each committee can also be downloaded from here. More information is available for selected committees.

For information about any committee, including current membership, please contact

More about the College's governance structure

Board Chair: Dr Kym Jenkins
Regulations [PDF; 62 KB]

Constituent committees of the Board

Members' Advisory Council
Chair: A/Prof. John Allan
Regulations [PDF; 68 KB]
Audit Committee Chair: A/Prof. John Allan
Regulations [PDF; 58 KB]
Corporate Governance and Risk Committee Chair: Dr Nick O'Connor
Regulations [PDF; 45 KB]
Education Committee Chair: Dr Margaret Aimer
Regulations [PDF; 43 KB]
Finance Committee Chair: Dr Vinay Lakra
Regulations [PDF; 38 KB]
Membership Engagement Committee Chair: Dr Sue Mackersey
Regulations [PDF; 45 KB]
Practice, Policy and Partnerships Committee Chair: Dr Peter Jenkins
Regulations [PDF; 211 KB]

Education Committee Subcommittees

Committee for Examinations Chair: A/Prof. Lisa Lampe Regulations [PDF; 64 KB]
Case History Subcommittee
Chair: Dr Andrew Pethbridge Regulations [PDF; 54 KB]
Written Examination Subcommittee

Co-Chair: Dr Jill Reddan

Co-Chair: Dr Brett Kennedy

Regulations [PDF; 55 KB]
Scholarly Project Subcommittee
Chair: Dr Joanne Ferguson Regulations [PDF; 54 KB]
Objective Structured Clinical Examination and Modified Structured Clinical Examination Subcommittee
Chair: A/Prof. Gail Robinson Regulations [PDF; 54 KB]
Accreditation Committee Chair: Diana McKay Regulations [PDF; 165 KB]
Committee for Training Chair: Dr Warren Kealy-Bateman Regulations [PDF; 108 KB]
          Subcommittees for Advanced         
  Regulations [PDF; 223 KB]
Subcommittee for Advanced Training Addiction Psychiatry
Chair: Dr John Reilly  
Subcommittee for Advanced Training Adult Psychiatry
Chair: Dr Diana Tracy  
Subcommittee for Advanced Training Child & Adolescent Psychiatry
Chair: Dr Prudence McEvoy  
Subcommittee for Advanced Training Consultation–Liaison Psychiatry
Chair:  Dr Alexandra Irene Welborn  
Subcommittee for Advanced Training Forensic Psychiatry
Chair: Dr Andrew Ellis  
Subcommittee for Advanced Training Psychiatry of Old Age
Chair: Dr Douglas Subau  
Subcommittee for Advanced Training Psychotherapies Psychiatry
Chair: Dr Paul Cammell  
Branch and New Zealand National Training Committees


Regulations [PDF; 78 KB]

Subcomittee Regulations
[PDF; 78 KB]

Committee for Joint College Training in Paediatrics and Child Adolescent Psychiatry Chair: Dr Prudence McEvoy

Terms of Reference 
[PDF; 252 KB]

Committee for Specialist International Medical Graduates Education
Chair: Dr Marcia Fogarty
Regulations [PDF; 42 KB]
Committee for Educational Evaluation, Monitoring and Reporting Chair: Dr Choon Siew Yong
Regulations [PDF; 86 KB]
Committee for Continuing Professional Development Chair: Dr Wayne de Beer Regulations [PDF; 85 KB]

Practice, Policy and Partnerships Committee subcommittees

Committee for Professional Practice
Chair: A/Prof. Geoff Smith
Regulations [PDF; 149 KB]
Committee for Research
Chair: A/Prof. Dan Siskind
Regulations [PDF; 197 KB]
Committee for Evidence-Based Practice
Chair: Dr Edward Petch
Regulations [PDF; 199 KB]
Community Collaboration Committee Chair: Dr Simon Stafrace Regulations [PDF; 136 KB]
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Mental Health Committee Chair: Dr Siva Balaratnasingam Regulations [PDF; 152 KB]
Te Kaunihera Chair: Dr Claire Paterson Regulations [PDF; 147 KB]

Membership Engagement Subcommittees

Awards and Recognition Committee Chair: A/Prof. John Allan Regulations [PDF;120 KB)
Journals Committee Chair: Dr Steve Kisely Regulations [PDF;120 KB)
Member Welfare Committee Chair: Dr Nicola Beamish Regulations [PDF;120 KB)

Subcommittees of the Board

Appeals Committee Legal Counsel: Ms Callie Kalimniou Regulations [PDF; 141 KB]
New Zealand National Committee Chair: Dr Mark Lawrence Regulations [PDF; 148 KB]
ACT Branch Committee
Chair: A/Prof. Jeffrey Looi
NSW Branch Committee
Chair: Dr Gary Galambos
NT Branch Committee
Chair: Dr Carolyn Little
QLD Branch Committee
Chair: A/Prof. Brett Emerson
SA Branch Committee
Chair: Dr Michelle Atchison
Tas Branch Committee
Chair: Dr Milford McArthur
VIC Branch Committee
Chair: A/Prof. Richard Newton
WA Branch Committee
Chair: Dr Elizabeth Moore
Overseas Trained Psychiatrists Representative Committee Chair: Dr Susanna Galea Regulations [PDF; 189 KB]
Trainee Representative Committee Chair: Dr Tony Muller Regulations [PDF; 143 KB]
Membership Conduct Committee Chair: Dr John Chalk

Regulations [PDF; 64 KB]

Psychiatry Interest Forum Advisory Group  Chair: TBA Terms of Reference [PDF; 124 KB]


Faculty of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

Chair: Dr Paul Robertson

Regulations [PDF; 212 KB]

Faculty of Forensic Psychiatry

Chair: Dr Justin Barry-Walsh

Regulations [PDF; 212 KB]

Faculty of Psychiatry of Old Age

Chair: A/Prof. Stephen Macfarlane

Regulations [PDF; 212 KB]

Faculty of Addiction Psychiatry

Chair: Dr Shalini Arunogiri

Regulations [PDF; 212 KB]

Faculty of Consultation–Liaison Psychiatry

Chair: Dr Carol Silberberg

Regulations [PDF; 212 KB]

Faculty of Consultation Psychotherapy

Chair: Dr Michael Daubney

Regulations [PDF; 212 KB]


Section of Neuropsychiatry Chair: Prof. Jeffrey Looi Regulations [PDF; 194 KB]
Section of Rural Psychiatry Chair: Dr Andrew Howie Regulations [PDF; 194 KB]
Section of Social & Cultural Psychiatry Chair: Dr Darryl Watson Regulations [PDF; 194 KB]
Section of Early Career Psychiatrists'  Chair: Dr Alice Chang Regulations [PDF; 194 KB]
Section of Private Practitioners  Chair: Dr Michelle Atchison Regulations [PDF; 194 KB]
Section of Child and Adolescent Forensic Psychiatry Chair: Dr Scott Harden Regulations [PDF; 194 KB]
Section of History, Philosophy and Ethics of Psychiatry Chair A/ Prof. Michael Wong Regulations [PDF; 194 KB]
Section of Leadership and Management Chair: A/Prof. Robert Parker Regulations [PDF; 194 KB]
Section of Electroconvulsive Therapy and Neurostimulation Chair: Dr Alan Weiss Regulations [PDF; 194 KB]
Section of Perinatal and Infant Psychiatry Chair: Dr Nicola Beamish Regulations [PDF; 194 KB]
Section of Psychiatry of Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities Chair: Dr Chad Bennett Regulations [PDF; 194 KB]
Section of Youth Mental Health Chair: A/Prof. James Scott Regulations [PDF; 194 KB]

Working Groups

Alcohol Harm and Mental Health Working Group Chair: A/Prof. John Allan  Regulations [PDF; 120 KB]


Family Violence Psychiatry Network Committee Chair: Dr Manjula O'Connor Regulations [PDF; 68 KB]
Military and Veterans' Mental Health Network Advisory Group Chair: Dr Duncan Wallace Regulations [PDF; 102 KB]